20. Completely clear

‘The cleaning visit really took it out of me. I haven't done much since then. Can we make this a short day? We can do more paper’

She took me into the sitting room where I had left some stacks of paper.

The coffee table was completely clear.

‘I finished them off myself.’ Stella smiled

Every time I passed the room during the session, I kept sneaking looks at it. When I told Stella what I was doing, we both laughed. It is hard to describe how important and startling it was.

‘I've also been opening some financial post by myself’


Many of our clients ‘hide’ from their finances, not opening bank statements and the like for years at a time. Sometimes it starts because they are having financial difficulties, but more often it is because they just don't want to deal with it. Luckily, many use direct debits extensively, so the bills don't go unpaid and life can go on. It is a big moment for them to retake control!

I took one last look at the clear coffee table before I left.

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  1. This is way after the posts were initially made, but so interesting - and so familiar. i too have had problems with opening mail - and not for any logical reason. I sort of see it as another from of self isolation and withdrawal that can come along with depressed periods. I also misplace things, another issue entirely - but leaving mail unopened always felt mysterious.