33. A whole year!

‘There is still a lot to do for my nephew’s visit.  I think we should work on different things.  There are still a few books to sort.  Why don’t you do that and I’ll do some work in the kitchen.  The sills need washing and I want to clean the platters.’ 

This was our year’s anniversary.  Over our coffee break we  discussed how much progress had been made. 

‘I really like being in the house now.  I remember when you first came you said how great it was that there is a nice house underneath all the stuff.  I know I liked the house when I first moved into it, but I had forgotten that. I’m really excited about showing the house to my nephew.’

‘Can you come next Saturday? Someone is coming to measure up the couches for new slipcovers and I would like you to be here.

We finished off bagging up a few more things for the charity shop.

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