Our last diary entry

Chrystine Bennett writes:

This is my last diary entry.  Our visits dropped from once every two weeks to once a month and then even more rarely.  Sometimes she rings me up when a ‘pile’ starts looking suspect.

From the very beginning, we always did what Stella wanted to do.  It is her house filled with her things.

Is her house ‘finished’? No, of course not.  No one’s house ever is.  Our lives change.  The things we like change.  Post keeps arriving.  Bills have to be paid.  That is the process.  

I don’t promise that staying decluttered won’t sometimes be boring, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant or scary no matter how it looks when you first begin.


  1. I enjoyed reading the diary. It's nice to see how the momentum builds when you start reclaiming your space and your life. I'm happy for "Stella" and for others you have helped. Presenting Stella's story in diary form was unique and inspiring. I need to help my mother through some decluttering. From this diary I learned how important it is to let people be in charge of the process and not to force anything. Thank you for the good information. And thank you "Stella".

  2. I enjoyed reading this too, I bet Stella feels she has her life back now. You're right, its her stuff and her house, and I liked that you gave her the lead.

  3. Thank you for the diary. Gives me hope that even though there are days when i don't have the emotional strength to sift through all my stuff ehile decluttering, it CAN be done at my own emotional pace. Until i achieve my dream home

  4. This diary was inspirational to me, as through illness (I sustained head injuries in a motorway accident) my home became a difficult to manage then became cluttered and I have struggled to get on top of it. I was looking for a company who could give me a helping hand in getting decluttered and from this story it appears that your company fully understand victims like ourselves. We get tired easily and then discouraged. Privacy was an in important issue, but now I am assured of it. My next step is to pluck up courage and call, as I do NEED help.
    I don't know if you cover my area, but it a relief you did.

    Keep up the good work and god bless your serving hearts.

    Meg - Derbyshire
    25 March 2017