35. Stella's family is coming round....

E-mail from Stella saying that all the videos we had bagged up have been removed.

When I arrived, there were more fresh flowers in sitting room and in hallway.

‘I’m having my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew for dinner.  I’d like to use a real tablecloth instead of wipeable plastic one on the kitchen table.’

In her bedroom, table for TV had moved to bottom of bed.  There was a stool with artistic arrangement of throw and hat on it.

‘I want to move big plastic bins from my bedroom, some of which are empty and some have the remaining videos that I’m not quite ready to throw away, but will be, from the bedroom into the box room.’

In order to do this, we first had to empty the BIG boxes of videos we had previously put in the box room into bin bags.  We also collapsed a number of cardboard boxes which were now surplus to requirements.

‘I want space.  I don’t want all these things.’

While bagging up the videos a few were identified as having sentimental/memory value, so we set those aside.

When we’d moved the boxes from her bedroom,

‘I don’t need anything else done here today. I want to hoover up the area where the boxes  have been standing. I can do the next bits there myself along with the bathroom boxes which I haven’t started on yet.’

‘Having your family to dinner is much more important.’ I replied.

We did some work in the spare room and put some old linens in a bag for charity. 

‘When we first started working together, in spite of what you said, I tended to over-estimate what could be achieved and now I under-estimate.’

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