36. Maintaining

Stella e-mailed saying that rings and a christening gown needed to be found.  Then subsequent e-mail saying that the rings had been found.

‘But, I’m not worried, like I was when I lost the box of business papers.  I just said to myself that, I will wait for Chrystine.’

When I got to Stella’s, there were more fresh flowers and more entertaining of friends.  She’d had people around for dessert after a lunch.  One friend had even invited a work partner to meet at Stella’s.  As Stella put it:

‘This wasn’t just entertaining, this was messy entertaining.’

First place we looked for the family christening gown, it was there.  Stella had planned that the looking process would not just be looking it would be another pass where we’d clear more things.  She said:

‘I still want to make spare room useable for guests.  If we work on those boxes of photos, I think we’ll be able to do it.’

We sub-divided boxes of photos and letters onto two shelves in a cupboard.  This will be their permanent home and broke down more empty boxes.

‘My birthday was last week. My sister gave me new kitchen pans.  She was impressed that the old ones were thrown out immediately.’

‘I’ve almost found an odd job man to do some things around the house.  As a last thing today, can we shift the furniture around in the small bedroom so I can order the bookcases?’

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