32. Here, there and everywhere

Stella met me at the door with,

‘My nephew who is getting some of the stuff is planning on visiting from the States.  I want to get the house to a point where I can offer him a bed.  I think it shouldn’t be too hard to do.  Then the next time he comes, he’ll know he can bring his whole family because I can put them up.’

That’s what we started, doing little bits here and little bits there.  The most important part was that Stella had regained enough confidence in her home to entertain house guests.

Our next meeting was more preparation for the nephew’s visit.  We consolidated the box room.  There was a box of stationary we had sorted before we re-packed and re-sorted.

‘I’ve got a place now to keep cards and I want to use up all these before buying anymore’ 

We re-packed the sewing/needlework cupboard so more could go into it.

‘It’s amazing how much more space you get just by packing things neatly.” said Stella.

In the kitchen, we packed away some things and put out a new tablecloth that looked very pretty with some decorative plates.   

‘I’m not very secure standing on steps.  Can we do the food cupboard? The one we didn’t do when we were last working on the kitchen. You can go up the steps for the top shelves.’

‘When we started, all you wanted was a livable home.  You didn’t say anything about house guests.

‘That isn’t enough any more.  I’m a bit more ambitious now.  I want to get to the bottom of things. Just going through things once isn’t enough is it?  I now really understand what you mean by ‘a first pass’.  In that first pass, things reduce themselves and looking at them in more detail suddenly seems possible.’

‘Because we’ve been preparing for the visit, we haven’t been doing paper.  Since our last visit I found a small collection of unprocessed paper.  I filled an orange recycle bag.  No big deal.  Never thought I would be saying that.’

 After lunch we did our newest default project: books. 

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