19.The cleaners are coming!

When I arrived, Stella greeted me at the front door,

‘The curtains in the front room need come down and go to the dry cleaners. I'm not happy climbing ladders. Can you help me take them down and bag them up so I can quickly run them around to the dry cleaners before the house cleaners get here? I want the cleaners to be able to dust the window sills. If these go this morning, I can have them back tomorrow. So it would only mean one night without curtains. This morning, I re-checked my cleaning supplies and realised that I need a few things. I can pick them up on my way back.’

‘Happy to do it. What time are they due?’

‘In about a half an hour. I booked them to arrive after you.’

Stella was back at the house with the extra cleaning materials in less than half an hour and we were installed in front of some paper piles sorting when they rang the bell.

Cluttergone consultants don't do cleaning per se. That said, we will dust a shelf before putting things back on it and we are very much in favour of using a vacuum cleaner to re-mark and re-claim territory. The house was better than when we started and this visit by the cleaning service would push it to the next level. Stella was already thinking about the step after that: having someone come in once a fortnight to clean, a regular cleaner.

I made my way through a couple of boxes of paper and had re-ordered and tidied some stacks on the coffee table by the time the service left. Stella took me to lunch and we recovered. Stella told me that she found the cleaning session difficult to manage but it was worth doing.

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