28. Sorting books

‘I know we were planning to do the books when we finished the paper, but I’ve been thinking about how we could do the sorting and I’d like to start today. I’ve typed up a list of where I want the subject piles to be. My printer is broken so I’ve put up post-it notes around the house.’

‘Right, I see lots of stair climbing today.’ I replied.

‘We will burn lots of calories. Fiction is a huge category so I’ve broken it down: Classic fiction goes in the front room along with poetry. For the moment, we’ll alphabetize the rest going down the stairs. Children’s books can go in the back bedroom.’

‘What about detective novels? You’ve lots of those.’

‘Put them in that bookcase on the landing. I want to put the special memory books, the ones from my grandfather on top of the piano.’

‘I’ve found a duplicate. What do you want me to do?’

‘Show me both copies. I’ll pick one and the other can go to my sister or to charity. The alphabetizing is bound to turn up more of them. Those will be the easy edits.’

When we finished for the day, Stella showed me where she’d hung the pictures that she’d had framed.

‘I’m really beginning to enjoy my house.’

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