21.Tackling the kitchen

By now we had touched on most of the major rooms but one. On my arrival for the 20th visit, Stella greeted me:

‘I'd like to have a go at the kitchen cupboards and see if we make space for some of the things I've inherited, particularly the glasses’

The inherited things she was talking about were currently living on the dining room table. This was our first go at the kitchen which was mostly a home for drying and dried clothes. It wasn't horribly untidy; it was just unused and frozen in time with dust.

We started with the cupboard under the sink and found lots of spare rags and j-cloths.

‘I won't have to buy any for years, will I.’ laughed Stella

‘This cupboard is quite big,’ I said, ‘It would take one of those freestanding shelves which would make it much easier to keep things in order’

‘I thought that,’ replied Stella, ‘But, I've been listening to your warnings about not buying storage 'solutions' until we know what we actually need.’

As we pulled out the cupboards and compared the contents with the things she had inherited, some things went into the rubbish pile and a few things for charity. There were quite a number of things that went on the kitchen table ‘To Be Considered’.

‘I like it that you don't push me to throw out anything immediately, even when I'm leaning in that direction. It makes the process less scary.’

By the end of the session, we had done about half of the cupboards.

‘I'd like to finish this first go at the kitchen. Can we make an extra appointment for next week?’ asked Stella.

‘Sure, I'm free on Wednesday and Friday. Which one would you like?’

‘Wednesday.’ See you then.

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