24. The box room

'What have you planned for us today?' I asked as I came through the door.

'You know that bedroom where we've been dumping all the empty boxes we thought we might use to store things and those boxes full of video tapes? I don't actually know what is underneath it all.'We found LOTS of boxes which we didn't need anymore. I broke them down and we tied them into 5 bundles.

When we reached the bottom layer, Stella exclaimed, 'Oh, I'd forgotten about these. They're boxes I never opened from my last move so I haven't seen what's inside for more than 10 years and there are some here from an even earlier move that I never opened.'

'I see a lot of that,' I replied, 'People move in and get themselves going in their new house. That takes a huge amount of energy and is exhausting for everyone. The vital boxes get opened and the things needed to make the house work are taken out and put away. Life takes over before the last ones get opened. Because they don't know what's inside, people pack them away in attics, cellars, garages or box rooms.'

'What you are trying to say is that: If I haven't missed the contents for more than 10 years, most of it can probably be tossed'

'You said it. Shall we open them and see what is inside?'

As expected we found things for the tip and the charity shop, but Stella did find a few things she wanted to keep, things she thought she had lost.

When we finished, the front hall was chock full of stuff to go out. Stella had bought mince pies to go with our coffee.

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