25. Putting away in drawers

The front hall was completely clear when I arrived. All the collapsed boxes, kitchen rejects and the 'unwanted' that we'd piled up were gone.

'The car was fully packed when I set off for the tip. I could just see out of the rearview mirror. After all we did last visit, I couldn't think of a really chewy project for this visit, so I figured we could do the default one: Paper'

'Hey, we aren't always going to have highs like finding all that stuff to go to the tip. Okay so paper doesn't sound exciting. However when we finally finish the paper,that will be HUGELY exciting'

We got through 5 more boxes. Stella has some furniture with narrow little drawers in her bedroom that we have been using for filing. Putting away what was in the 5 boxes made the drawers too full.

'Can we weed out some of the older paper and maybe refine these drawers a bit?' Stella asked.

'Of course, it's your paper!'

Over coffee and cakes, Stella showed me the shelf she'd bought for under the sink. Because everything was already sorted, it didn't take very long to install it.

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